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Location: Mumbai (South Mumbai)

Company: SD Crop (Shahpoorji Pallonji & Dilip Thacker group)

Product:Smart-wall smart ceiling & SCG smart board  

Use/Type: Residential

The Imperial Edge is a 50 storey exquisite jewel in South Mumbai in making where our company Smart-wall by smart-tech is executing the work of deck ceiling area, as it is a 50 storey building and in the vicinity where the sea is very close which made our job very challenging because we had to face extreme wind pressure and load. As per the NBC specified wind zones, the ultimate pressure is considered as 0.5 kPa and serviceability at 0.33 kPa. We made a custom design of our system for this particular project by selecting the suitable custom metal thickness (BMT) to assemble custom framing grid to beautifying the deck with SCG wooden figured plank which can hold of that level of pressure and load and all within our clients budget.

Some other key features of our system are that it is robust and durable, come with the wide flange so the screws can penetrate properly, all-metal elements comes with a coat of superior anti-corrosion protection which increases the life of our product comparing to other local product available in the market.

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