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SmartWall® is a wall innovation division of SmartTech Group. The idea is to create a bouquet of Alternative Wall building materials and products, that has the capacity to replace the outdated walling systems prevalent in India. 

As per our company vision, we shall only qualify a system to be sold under SmartWall® brand if it can pass thru some progressive parameters for example, Is the Walling Material Eco Friendly? , Is it recyclable? , Can the wall building material be mass manufactured ? , Is the wall building material less labor intensive? , Can we eleminate cracking on walls ? and many more such factors.

What other services do you provide?

Apart from walls, we have also developed competency in our ancillary solutions for comprehensive false ceilings, Grid Ceilings, Acoustic Ceilings and Turnkey Waterproofing Solutions.

Do you accept returns?

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Do you provide your services all across India?



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