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Fermacell Smart-Wall®

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Fermacell Smart-Wall® is a revolutionary PAPERLESS Gypsum Fibre Board which has the strength of a brick Wall and finish of a gypsum rendered wall. This System is all in one internal partition, Can be used in DRY and WET areas, Fermacell Gypsum Fibre Board is the only Wall on the Indian Market which is “Nail-able”, a single nail can take upto 22 kgs of load on this system. Fermacell/SmartWall is a best of both worlds, German Technology with Indian Accessibility.

SCG Smart-Wall®


SCG Smart-Wall® is built using SCG SmartBoard, a market leading product in the South Asian territory, SCG SmartBoard is built with world class portland cement in Thailand, which gives this solution a very high impact resistance, SCG SmartBoard is Cladded on SmartWall innovative framing systems to create, Internal, external, Wet, Dry and Public area partitions, the impact strength of this system is second to none.

SmartWall® Starken Panel

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Revolutionary Starken Reinforced Wall Panels can help complete masonary works upto 400% faster then conventional brick masonary. Panel installation incorporates special brackets secured to structural members such as beams/ columns/ slabs to provide wall lateral stability.

Wall panels are typically used in non-residential buildings such as hospitals, universities, schools, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, e.t.c.

Panels can be installed onto buildings of reinforced concrete or steel structure.


Innovative Addition

D-Wall is a superior strength JUMBO block wall made with self levelling technology, D-Wall is the first block walling solution in India, that does not require any water for curing and eliminates the need for Plaster all together due to its lego block like self level fitting system.

Its stronger than brickwall, is made of proprietary materials that does not include concrete and hence much more thermally stable. Its economic and is made to have premium finish of Drywalls with durability and ease of acceptance like brick walls.


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